Word Table and Operations

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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • The word values read out for periods of five seconds will be collected. The values will be maximum 30 pieces. In the readings above 30 pieces, the first written value will be deleted and the last read value will be written. The system will operate when digital input 0 is activated, it will stop when it is disabled.

Diagram Solition


  • Word register was connected Word Table input.
  • If the system is on (when DI0 is in high signal state), the system will be triggered by the signal from the timing trigger and through the And gate.
  • A word table was created with an array of 30 values. Each rising edge to the Clk input of the word table block will read the new value from word register. When word table type FIFO is selected and 30 table size is filled, the last read value will be overwritten with the first read value.
  • Word table operation block also collects the values in the table.