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Client Overview

Client software; allows end users to connect to the SCADA server via the internet or intranet, allowing them to monitor and control the prepared project.


To connect to the SCADA server, you need to enter the user, password, server address and port information into the client software. You need to use "User Manager" to create a new user. When this information is entered correctly, an encrypted connection is established between the server and the client software, and the project main screen sent from the server is displayed on the client.

The "page selector" on the left side of the client screen also shows shortcuts for pages that are defined as "SCADA Tab" in the editor. The appearance and order of the shortcuts shown here can be set on the editor. Besides these shortcuts, there are shortcuts with alarm panel and web view panel.


Access Rights

Content shown on the client may differ depending on the access privileges of the user, the pages and the defined tags. Pages that do not corresponds with the access rights of the user will not be shown in the "page selector", or links that are directed to those pages will not work. If a visual element on the page contains a tag that the user does not have access to, the user is prevented from watching or controlling this item.

Alarm Management

To be able to access alarm management, the user needs to have related access right.

Report Management

To be able to access report management, the user needs to have related access right. Report Manager for Operator Client provides same functionality as "SCADA Reporter" tool. For details please refer to ViewPLUS Reporting

Controlling Field Data

According to the project structure, there are different types of objects you can control over client application. To be able to manipulate a field data, you need to have associated access rights for writing on the tag related with that object.

Buttons work in a boolean style. They may work in toggle mode or only set/unset mode.
Value settable Widgets
You can set some field values by right clicking and selecting "Set Value" option from menu.