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ViewPLUS Application Components

Mikrodev ViewPLUS SCADA is composed of following software components:

ViewPLUS Editor
ViewPLUS User Manager
ViewPLUS Component Manager
ViewPLUS Server
ViewPLUS Client
ViewPLUS Reporting
ViewPLUS Data Manager
ViewPLUS Smart Bill
ViewPLUS Application Notes
ViewPLUS Appendix


ViewPlus Setup windows_x86
ViewPlUS Client windows_x86

Application Notes:

ViewPLUS Application Notes


What is SCADA?

SCADA is an abbreviation created by reading the first letters of the words "Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition." SCADA, a comprehensive and integrated database control and monitoring system, provides automatic control, monitoring and reporting of all electronic units of a facility or operation. SCADA systems are expected to perform the functions of monitoring, controlling, collecting data, recording and storing data. The SCADA systems can operate in continuous, intermittent, repetitive or discrete modes in industrial processes, manufacturing, production, power generation, wastewater treatment, oil and gas pipelines, electricity transmission and distribution, wind generators, civil defense siren systems and major communication systems , water treatment and promotion centers in the sectors. May include public and private facilities, including space stations. Access to heating and ventilation systems (HVAC) and control and monitoring of energy consumption may be required. SCADA's maximum benefit will continue to be from the greatest needs of industrial installations in terms of safety and convenience.

Mikrodev ViewPLUS SCADA

ViewPLUS is a SCADA software developped by Mikrodev. While ViewPLUS is being developed, stability, ease of use and visuality are kept in the foreground. With ViewPLUS, it is possible to provide visual monitoring, control and evaluation of any kind of automation unit and system

We can summarize some features that ViewPLUS has:

Large Visual Library

  • Allows users to easily prepare their own SCADA components as well as the large visual library.

Redundant Working Mode

  • Field data is read and processed by BACKUP server in case of the failure of the primary server.
  • No data loss
  • Communication status tests (field devices or spare SCADA)

Server / Client Architecture

  • Multi-station support
  • Assigning authority level to work stations

Licensed Tag Capacity

  • Unlimited license (limited to system memory).
  • Ability to define alarm tags up to the number of tags
  • Ability to identify trends by the number of tags

Operating System Support

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Windows Server 2008/2012/2016
  • Linux (Debian)
  • MacOSX


  • 128 different access authorization levels for tags and pages
  • Ability to assign 128 different group memberships to users
  • Integrated security with operating system
  • TLS / SSL versions of layer 7 protocols on comms
  • Use explicit SHA256 summaries instead of plain text passwords in the authorization mechanism

Data Transfer

  • SQL compatible data transfer possibility inside and outside


  • Ability to define alarms for all defined tags
  • Alarms can be defined 256 different criticality levels
  • Ability to monitor active alarms and alarm history
  • Alarm monitoring by date and importance
  • Output from alarm list: Excel, printer, pdf

Data Record Trend Monitoring

  • Log recording capability for all defined tags
  • Trend defined tags graphical display
  • Export of trend defined tags data to excel, pdf or printer


  • Excellent connection with MikroDev PLC, REMOTE IO and Gateway products
  • Compatible with a wide range of industry standard protocols: MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, DNP3, SNMP, IEC- *, BACNET

Database Support

  • PgSQL
  • SQLite


Mikrodev SCADA server provides real-time monitoring and control of field devices by connecting to this devices via intranet or internet. It saves collected data in the tag, event and alarm database. It also allows users connecting to the server over the internet to monitor and control the devices on the field using the prepared SCADA project. While different combinations can be created according to the network and hardware topology designed with ViewPLUS, the architecture shown below can be used basically.