Ventilation System with PID Control

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What You Need to Know Before Design[edit | edit source]

Diagram Algorithm[edit | edit source]

  • In the system read with the temperature value RTD0 temperature input, it is desired to control the temperature by the fan connected to the analog output.
  • PT100 sensor is connected to RTD0 input. Temperature measurement is made between -50 and 100 degrees centigrade.
  • As the ambient temperature increases, the speed of the fan connected to analog output 0 will also increase.

Ortamın sıcaklığı arttıkça analog çıkış 0'a bağlı olan fan motor hızı da artacaktır. The analog output produces current between 4 and 20 mA. As the motor speed increases, hot air will flow out. This will prevent the heating of the environment.

  • PID parameters will be calculated with autotunning.
  • In case of emergency, digital input signal information is received. The analog output value will be reset(4 mA) when a high level signal is input to the digital input 0.

Diagram Solition[edit | edit source]

  • It is predicted that the temperature of the system will be 60 milliseconds.
  • The system is run in 'autotunning' mode to set the PID parameters with Autotunning. PID parameters calculated by opening the port from the Mikroterminal console are expected to be displayed. Calculation of PID parameters is provided for 30 minutes by testing the system for possible conditions. The calculation time varies according to the system conditions.
  • Once the PID parameters have been calculated, double clicking on the PID block switches the mode option to 'automatic' mode. In automatic mode, the system will continue to operate according to the previously calculated PID parameters.
  • An analog multiplexer is used to reset the analog output in emergency situations. If the emergency button is not pressed (DI0), the analog value from the I1 channel of the multiplexer will be transferred to the analog output. When DI0 button is pressed, 4 mA value coming from I2 channel of the multiplexer will be transferred to analog output.