Using SMS Console

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Description[edit | edit source]

You can get and change the data in PLC by sending AT commands from a mobile phone. The following shows sample applications and the transmission of several AT commands.

Example1[edit | edit source]

smsat_insertstring.png To enable SMS console
smsat_insertstring2.png To set a string via SMS:

Send SMS text message to device in following format:

AT+FBD=<Block No>,NewTextValue

In order to update String Text referenced by String refeecne block (Block No: 2) and String Text Offset 1, send a SMS to device like follows:


Send above SMS text message to the device, to change a string referecence value from remote

Example2[edit | edit source]

smsat_insertstring3.png To enable SMS console, select the String Reference Text Offset "AT + SMS" to the SMSR Msj input.

Word Register value is 0.

smsat_insertstring4.png To change the value in the word register, AT + FBD = 3000,20 is sent from Mobil.Word Register value is 20.

The following table shows the sending and incoming responses of AT commands from the mobile. smsat_insertstring5.png