Using SMS Console

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Description[edit | edit source]

You can learn and change the data in PLC by sending AT commands from mobile. The following shows sample applications and the transmission of several AT commands from the Mobile.

Example1[edit | edit source]

smsat_insertstring.png To enable SMS console
smsat_insertstring2.png To set a string via SMS:

Send SMS text message to device in following format:

AT+FBD=<Block No>,NewTextValue

In order to update String Text referenced by String refeecne block (Block No: 2) and String Text Offset 1, send a SMS to device like follows:


Send above SMS text message to the device, to change a string referecence value from remote

Example2[edit | edit source]

smsat_insertstring3.png To enable SMS console, select the String Reference Text Offset "AT + SMS" to the SMSR Msj input.

Word Register value is 0.

smsat_insertstring4.png To change the value in the word register, AT + FBD = 3000,20 is sent from Mobil.Word Register value is 20.

The following table shows the sending and incoming responses of AT commands from the mobile. smsat_insertstring5.png