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Object Properties Panel

  • Object Name: A name that makes it easy to distinguish the object.
  • ObjectType: Represents the component type of the object.
  • Geometry: The position of the object on the screen is the parameters related to the scale and rotation. The top leftmost point of the page is positioned by accepting the point (0,0). Position value increases down and to the right.
  • Constants: Contains some settings related to the appearance of the object.
Font X Offset : Used to add a horizontal offset to the position of the text to be printed on the object, relative to the upper left corner of the object.  
Font Offset : Used to add a vertical offset to the position of the text to be printed on the object, relative to the upper left corner of the object.  
Text Content : It is the field in which the display format of the "Text Label" defined in "Feature Tags" is configured. The "formatted" text entered here is printed on the component. The text to be entered must be in "printf text format". The following examples can be used for formatting:

Integer             :% d    => "1977"  
Add leading spaces  :% 10d  => "1977"  
Add a leading zero  :% 010d => "0000001977"  
Float numbers       :% 4.2f => "3.14"

Font Style Sheet : By setting the style sheet for the "Font Content" to be displayed, you can make settings such as font, font size and color -generator.html Here some examples can be found.  
Text Width : The maximum width of the text to be displayed on the component.

  • Events: Contains user interaction settings.
Event Type : The parameter that determines when the event will be fired.             
MousePressed: Left mouse button press event   
MouseReleased: Left mouse button release event   Keystroke: Keyboard push event             

Event Action : When "Event Type" is triggered, the function to be operated is selected.               
SET           : Sets the value of "Target Event Tag" to "1".   CLEAR: Makes the value of "Target Event Tag" "0".   
CHANGE        : Makes "0" if "Target Event Tag" is "1" and "1" if it is "0".   
LOADVALUE     : If this function is selected, users will have a dialogue page in the client software where they can right-click on this component mouse to change the value of "Target Event Tag".   
GOPAGE        : The page that was selected in "Go to Page" opens on the screen.   
GOLINK        : The link defined in "WebLink" is executed.
Target Event Tag : Defines the tag that is the target of the "Event Action"  
Go to page : Page selection for "Go to page" action