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The basic settings for the page are set via this panel

  • Page Name: The name you want to appear for the page in the left panel on the client screen for pages set as tabs.
  • PageID : System-assigned unique ID for each page.
  • PageOrder : Sets the order in which the page will appear in the left panel on the client screen for pages set as tabs.
  • PageType : There are three different page types. "Tab" type pages appear as full screen on the client. At the same time, a button is created in the left-hand navigation panel that provides access to this page. Unlike the "Tab" for the "Linked Page" type, there is no button on the navigation panel. "Dialog" type pages are pages that are configured as popups to be opened in an action repository.
  • Scale at startup : Set how to scale scaling when the page is first opened on the client screen.
  • CustomSize : This option is checked if a different size will be used in the project settings instead of the default page size.
  • Page Width : Width for custom page size
  • Page Height : Height for custom page size
  • BackgroundImage: An image to be displayed on the client screen for the page in the left panel is displayed for the pages set as tabs.
  • Add Scroll Text : Adds a slip at the bottom of the page that allows you to show informative messages.
  • AccessRights : Different access rights can be defined to restrict access to the page. For users who do not have these rights, the page is not displayed.