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[[Dosya:Tr componentprop3.png|küçükresim|orta|Component Parameters - Other]]

  • Limits: The maximum and minimum values by which users can change the "Target Event Tag" value through the client software are set using these parameters.
  • ToolTip: Adjust the content that will be shown when users bring the mouse over the component in the client software.
  • Macro: The script for the component is written in this box . For more information about macros, see the corresponding section.
  • Web link: If this field is defined as a web link, a menu entry will be created to access the related page from the right-click menu of the component mouse.
  • Pictures: The images and index numbers defined in this component are displayed in this area.

Email Server Settings[edit source]

E-mail can be sent in case of an alarm to the user whose "e-mail send option" is marked as active from the user manager. For this, e-mail configuration settings must be made on the server. In addition, the smtp server to be used should allow "less secure application access". The configuration file "ServerEngine.ini" where the e-mail server settings can be found in the following folder:

C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Mikrodev\ ScadaServer\<project adi>\ServerEngine.ini 

In this file, the following variables must be set correctly under [SMTP]: