Systematic Motor Operation

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What You Need to Know Before Design

  • EDGE
  • LOW
  • Adding a Line Label

Diagram Algoritm

  • The system will be controlled by the limit switch, start and stop buttons.
  • When the Start button is pressed, Motor 1 will start to operate.
  • When a mechanical system comes into contact with the limit switch, the Motor 1 will remain active as long as the Motor 2 applies pressure to the moving system limit switch.
  • After the mechanical system passes the limit switch, the Motor 1 will continue to run until the Motor 2 stops.
  • All systems will stop when the Stop Button is pressed.
  • When the Start Button is pressed again to restart the stopped system with the Stop Button, the motors will continue to operate in that position.

Diagram Solution


  • This system will be controlled by the limit switch and stop button.
  • The mechanical system will start the Motor 1 when it contacts the limit switch until the stop button is pressed. The Motor 2 will run as long as the limit switch is pressed.
  • Stop button will stop the entire system.