Special Modbus Registers

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Mikrodev Devices have MODBUS registers which you could set some special parameters. You can find these special registers in the following table. Please note that the values you set via MODBUS will be saved into retentive memory once every 5 minutes for security purposes. After setting the parameter via MODBUS, if you power off the device earlier than 5 minutes, the changes may be lost.

If you need to set a value and make it retentive immediately you need to use AT Commands via USB connection.

ConfigPort; Mikrodiagram Connection TCP Port 0 u16_t 1
ConnectionTrack; Server Timeout, Track the up sockets is alive or not 1 u16_t 1
ConfigPlcReset; Reset the PLC when the defined seconds if there is no sokect activity over ETH or GSM 2 u16_t 1
ConfigAinVoltage; NA 3 u16_t 1
ConfigTempType; NA 4 u16_t 1
ConfigPto; Configuration of Pulse Train Output Functionality. 1- Enable, 0- Disable 5 u16_t 1
ConfigDhcp; Configuration of DHCP. 1- Enable, 0- Disable 6 u16_t 1
ConfigCanSpeed; Configuration of CAN Extension Bus Spees. 0- 500 Kbit, 1- 250 Kbit, 2- 100 Kbit, 3- 1000 Kbit 7 u16_t 1
ConfigCanTmo; Timeout value for CAN extensions, milisecond 8 u16_t 1
ConfigTimeZone; Time zone, 9 s16_t 1
ConfigGsmReset; Power Reset the integrated GSM if there is no GSM activity after defined seconds( After firmware version 15.08. Before 15.08 this value is fixed to 480 seconds) 10 u16_t 1
ProductSubCode; Product Familiy code 11 u16_t 1
BoardPcbVersion; PCB version number 12 u8_t 1
VersionHighByte; Firmware Version Number, High Byte   u8_t 0
VersionLowByte; Firmware Version Number, High Low 13 u8_t 1
ErrorCode; PLC Error State   u8_t 0
CsqLevel; GSM CSQ Level 14 u16_t 1
LwipTmo; Resets the integrated ETH Phy if there is no ETH activity after defined seconds AND resets the GSM Modem if the PPP(Point to Point) connection has no activity after defined seconds. 15 u16_t 1
Mac; MAC adress of ETH units 16 u32_t 2
SerialNo; Serial number of the PLC 18 u32_t 2
LocalIp; Local IP adress of the PLC over ETHERNET 20 u32_t 2
Netmask; Subnet Mask of the PLC over ETHERNET 22 u32_t 2
Gateway; Gateway adress of the PLC over ETHERNET 24 u32_t 2
PowerResetCount; Keep to number of power reset counter of the device.  26 u32_t 2
AppPlcTime; PLC Current Dat/Time 28 u32_t 2
AppPlcRam; PLC Current RAM Usage 30 u32_t 2
AppPlcSecret; PLC Security Info 32 u32_t 2
ScheduleItemList[64]; This is used with, ViewPLUS SCADA to control scheduling items 34 u32_t 128
GprsName[32]; GSM APN Username - must be terminated with NULL char 162 char 16
GprsPssw[32]; GSM APN Password  - must be terminated with NULL char 178 char 16
GprsPin[8]; GSM PIN - Not Used Now 194 char 4
GprsApn[64]; GSM APN Name  - must be terminated with NULL char 198 char 32
MenuFbdAddress; Which of the blok values want to be seen on LCD display 214 u32_t 2
MenuLine1[24]; LCD raw 1 text  - must be terminated with NULL char 216 char 12
MenuLine2[24]; LCD raw 2 text  - must be terminated with NULL char 228 char 12