Reading Network Analyser via RS485

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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • Reading the voltage data from the network analyzer with RS485 communication port.

Diagram Solition


  • Serial port and RTU master block are used for serial communication. The Baudrate, Databit and Parity values of the network analyzer are entered in the serial port block.
  • Serial port no is entered 0 in the Serial Port Block and Port Type is selected RS485.
  • The slave address and register address of the analyzer are entered in Modbus word reader blocks.
  • The value is read at every rising edge from the symmetrical pulse generator.
  • Since the network analyzer's data is in word format, 222.7 V voltage value is read as 2227. The actual value read from the analyzer screen is accessed by performing a division operation with the Analog Math Block.