RTD Temperature Control

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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • PT100 data is check with periods 20 second. If over the set value, the digital output DQ0 is activated.
  • DQ0 will be inactive when the alarm condition is cleared.

Diagram Solution


  • For the desired PT100 sensors to be read, the RTD Temperature Inputs block on the Physical I/O Blocks tab is added.
  • The Symmetric Pulse Generator was used to determine the control period of the data from the RTD.
  • Since there are four sensors, four analog comparators are used. The sensor data to the inA input of Analog Comparators was connected to the inB input of the temperature value register to be controlled. It was done the comparison trigger by the signal from the Symmetric Pulse Generator.
  • The Or gate is used to switch to an alarm state over any temperature sensor.