Oven Automation via SMS

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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • The system will be turned on at any time by throwing an SMS in the oven project.
  • When the message "Prepare dough" is thrown to +441234567890, the system will work.
  • On the automation side when commanded, flour is poured into the dough kneading bowl for 50 seconds. Water is added for 20 seconds and the ferment is poured for 10 seconds.
  • After the mixture is finished mixture motor will run 15 minute, And then to ovener will be sent " I prepared to dough" message.

Diagram Solition


  • From designated number "prepare dough" message, when came will be opened system with impulse relay. The DI0 is connected to the Sif input of the impulse relay to close the system in emergency response or to complete the dough process.
  • Timer output relay is used to add flour, water and yeast at different times. The system will become inactive after it has been active for the defined period of time.
  • DQ0, DQ1 and DQ2 outputs will be passive after the flour, water and yeast intake is complete when the system is on. These digital outputs are connected to the Not block for producing a high-level signal.
  • After the flour, water and yeast are taken, the And gate output will be activated and the mixing will start and the message will be sent after the mixing time is over.