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Mikrodev IT Software Electronics Industry and Trade Co.Ltd. has been founded in 2006 in İstanbul. In 2011, Mikrodev has started commercial production activities in Gebze High Technology University Campus.

Mikrodev has been founded for making a difference and becoming a leading company in industrial automation field with its strong technical infrastructure, innovative view, flexible solutions and customer based approach. Mikrodev breaks new ground with its products.


2008, feeder protection relay is developed 2009, a Linux based CPU module and GSM/3G routers are produced 2010, MODBUS gateway is added into the product line 2011, IEC 61131 compliant PLC product family is introduced 2012, protocol converters and DNP3, IEC-101, IEC-104 protocols supported devices 2013, RTU product family is introduced 2015, Mikrodev SCADA software 2016, HMI (Human Machine Interface) device development Today Mikrodev is carrying on its operations with 20 engineers and 16 technicians in TUBITAK Free Trade Zone and producing 163 different types of devices including subcategories of PLCs, RTUs, Protocol Converters, Gateways and Remote I/Os. And Mikrodev has got 14 vendors in Turkey and 3 vendors worldwide.

Recently, Mikrodev has setup a global branch in United Kingdom for both global sales and research/development. With this new company, Mikrodev will focus on global sales and introduce Mikrodev devices around the world faster.