Make Call on Alarm

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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • When a RTD temperature sensor data checked in 20 sec period passes the specified value, DTMF calling will start. Three different numbers will be dialed in order. After calling operation is finished, If temperature value is in location alarm again inside of 30 minute, calling operation will be repeated.

Diagram Solition


  • With the analog register, the temperature value at which the alarm condition is generated is determined. With the symmetrical pulse generator, the temperature values are controlled once every 20 seconds. Each of the RTD inputs is controlled by an analog comparator.
  • Any analog comparator block output from the analog registers above the specified temperature value will produce a high level signal and go into an alarm state. After going through the alarm condition, the call timer will start to increase at one second intervals.
  • If the temperature does not fall within 30 minutes, when the counter value reaches 1800 (1800sec / 60 = 30min), the Ori input will be reset and the calling will start again.
  • The calling operation will be performed according to the data received from the analog comparator. If the temperature is between 0-30, the first call will be made, between 100-180 second call and between 200-230 third call.
  • The numbers to be dialed are double-clicked in the DTMF Originate Call Block.