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What You Need to Know Before Design

Diagram Algorithm

  • The project will be prepared for a three-storey elevator. The controls that need to be done in elevator control are listed as follows.
  • The elevator cab is raised / lowered by moving the motor forward and backward. Motors like cylinders continue turning for a while after the power is turned off. In this case, the elevator cab will not stop at the exact desired location, so the elevator will have a braking system.
  • Only the motor and elevator car lighting will be checked from the digital outputs.
  • There are 3 floor buttons and 1 emergency stop button in the cabin.
  • Each floor has an elevator call button.
  • There are sensors on each floor to understand which floor of the elevator car is the floor.
  • If the elevator door is opened or the elevator call button is pressed while on the ground, the cabin lighting and the busy lamp are lit for 10 seconds.
  • In case of emergency, the stop button will be provided to keep the cabin in place.
  • An audible alarm or an alarm button must be placed in the cabin to be notified of any malfunction.
  • In the designed system, the elevator door will be opened and closed by hand (a system with automatic opening motor is required). Telephone voice notification will be made independent of the PLC. The elevator door will not open unless the cab is on the floor.

Diagram Solution

  • 3-storey elevator system to be controlled in this system.
  • Motor forward output will move the elevator down, Motor backward output will move the elevator up.
  • These motors continue turning a little further after the power is turned off.
  • Because of this, whenever the elevator stops, the pneumatic brake system works and the elevator stops at the desired place.
  • Where the elevator is located is controlled by the switches located on each floor.
  • There are 3 floor buttons and a stop button in the elevator.
  • When the call buttons in the elevator and on the floors are pressed, the elevator moves to where the elevator is called.
  • The elevator door opens manually.
  • The status of the door open or closed is controlled by the switch.
  • If the door is open, the elevator will not move.
  • If the elevator is called from the other floors while the door is open, the busy lamp lights up for 10 seconds.
  • This process is done by timer block.
  • When the emergency stop button is pressed, it stops at the elevator.