Firmware incompatibility with Mikrodiagram(Error NO:61)

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Error Definition[edit | edit source]

  • The firmware inside the PLC is not compatible with the mikrodiagram version.
  • This incompatibility will cause ERROR NO: 61 on PLC.

Components To Be Checked[edit | edit source]

  • Firmware version reading from Mikrodiagram,


  • The version reading from Mikroterminal ,

Firstly,In the mikrodiagram, is clicked to mikroterminal from tools option.


  • Then,COM3 is selected.
  • OPEN is clicked.
  • According to this, necessary situations are made.
  • Controlled by typing AT + VERSION to the command line.
  • If written AT + ERROR the error is examined.
  • From mikroterminal, when written AT+ERROR , In mikroterminal is seen ERROR 61 response.


Possible Solutions[edit | edit source]

  • The firmware learned after viewing the version from the Mikroterminal is determined according to the firmware version of the Mikrodiagram program.


In figure above,

For example;

  • PLC firmware version 15.07 for the program 3.9.10 version of Mikrodiagram must be installed.
  • If ın the event of there is a Mikrodiagram version other than 3.8.x, PLC falls to error 61.