DNS Block

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DNS Block Usage


Block Custom Settings


1.      Blok Name: The name of the block.

2.      Primary DNS Server: The Primary DNS server is entered in this section.

3.      Secondary DNS Server: Secondary DNS Server is entered to this section.

4.      URL : The URL to use is entered in the string table. The ID of the URL entered in the string table is selected here.

5.      Default IP : Default IP is entered in this section. If the DNS block cannot convert the URL to the IP address, Default IP is used.

6.      DNS Timeout : The DNS timeout value is entered in this section.

String Table Entering Value


Click the Projects tab on the left of the Mikrodiagram software. String Table is selected from the top menu.

You can enter a URL under the String Text heading.

Use with TCP BLOCK


The dns block output is connected to the ip pin of the tcp socket block. The DNS block will convert the URL to IP, Fou. pin is active. The tcp block uses the ip address from the DNS block.


The TCP socket block can be used with the Mqtt block.