Cannot get an IP from 3G/GPRS connection

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Error Definition

  • I want to connect the device to internet via GPRS/3G. But the device cannot get a IP address.

Components To Be Checked

  • Make sure your sim-card is inserted correctly.Sim kart çip yönü PLC besleme girişi tarafında olmalıdır.
  • Before inserting the sim-card, make sure the device is not powered.
  • Make sure your sim-card is data enabled. Contact your operator to check this.
  • Check the signal quality. (CSQ value on Mikroterminal)
  • Check your APN settings. Contact your operator to learn the correct settings for APN

Possible Solutions

  • If the tcp socket, tcp master or tcp slave block parameters are correct, wait for your device to enter the coverage area. This can take between 20-60 seconds depending on your signal quality and your status in the coverage area
  • If you get a positive result from the components to be checked, wait for the sim-card to get an IP when the CSQ level reaches 15 and above.
  • If your sim-card has static IP, you can always use the ip value you read on your connected system. Sim-cards that do not have a static IP will need to be get a new IP every time the device is switched on.
  • Make sure that PIN security is disabled on your SIM card