Bottle Liquid Level Control

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What You Need to Know Before Design

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • EDGE
  • Adding a Line Label

Diagram Algorithm

  • The bottles pass through the conveyor belt in groups of three. When the sensors can not see each other, the filling valves open to allow the bottles to start filling. In the meantime, the distance sensors next to the fill valves begin to measure. It is filled until the desired distance is reached. Then the filling valves are closed. The conveyor belt starts to move again and the other bottle is expected to be detected.

Diagram Solution


  • When the system is first turned on, the band motor is running. When the sensors detect the bottles, the logic is high and bottles are expected to be filled by stopping the motor. After the bottles are filled, the conveyor belt motor is energized again and the bottles are kept on the conveyor belt. The liquid level control sensors placed at the end of the belt control the filling bottles. If the liquid level in the bottle is not at the desired reference point, the system is stopped and the fault lamp is lit. The fluid level sensor is logic high when there is no desired reference value.