Send Temperature Values via SMS

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Things to Know Before Design

  • Adding a Line Label

Diagram Algorithm

  • It is requested to send as sms to five numbers determined at 9:00 am on weekdays.

Diagram Solution


  • Using the Weekly Timer Block, the system is only activated between 9.00 and 9.15 on weekdays.
  • The PT1000 sensor is connected to the RTD inputs.
  • For the values read from the temperature sensor, the phone numbers to which the SMS is sent are defined.
  • In the 'String table' section, the contents of the message to be sent are written.
  • The block number of each RTD Input block is defined by putting a '$' sign at the beginning. For example, $ 5000 is written to the SMS content to read the temperature value from the RTD0 input. The RTD0 input value is $5000, the RTD1 input value is $5001.